Achem Tape Guns

Standard 2" and 3" Dispensers

Hand held tape guns are widely used in packaging and shipping departments. The dispensers are widely available in two and three inch versions. Although a 4" gun is available we recommend using a table top model due to the weight of the gun.  Several models are available with different rub down rollers.  Our base 2" model is the SL213. The Soft Handle version is easier on the hand. The best 2" version we handle is the SL239, 3" is the SL339 incorporating thicker steel, a better comfort grip, soft rub down roller, the best core holder, and easier feeding path.

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SL213 left, SL213SH center, SL339 right.

PVC tape guns are fast and convenient. Prices as low as $4.95 (SL213) each by the case. Email with quantity and model.

Model Features Item # Case
SL213SH 2" With Soft Handle 145M-0213SH 24
SL303SH 3" With Soft Handle 145M-0303SH 20
SL239 2" Tape Dispenser 
Super HD, Rubber Roller
145M-0239 24
SL339 3" Tape Dispenser
Super HD, Rubber Roller
145M-0339 12
SL213 Basic 2" Tape Dispenser 145M-0213 24
SL304 Basic 3" Tape Dispenser 145M-0304 20

*Buy 'em by the case, get the best price.

Not sure of the core size? We also carry the "no spool holder" hand held pistol type tape guns.

The SL215 for 2" and the SL315 for 3" wide tapes. Lowest cost gun by the case.

Model Features Item # Case
SL215RR 2" wide, 1"-3" Cores 145M-0215 24
SL315RR 3" wide, 1"-3" Cores 145M-0315 24

We also offer a Packing Belt to hold tape gun, marker and knife. The belt is made of durable lightweight nylon.

Looking for a faster way to use PVC tapes to seal cartons? We recommend either using tape guns or automatic case sealers.  If you try to use a counter top automatic dispenser like the M1000 for taping boxes, the tape is too difficult to handle and will stick to everything once dispensed. If you are looking to speed up your operation, we recommend using a gummed tape dispenser. Overall they are faster and you only need ONE piece of tape to seal the flaps.

Control your cost by issuing a new tape gun to every packer, every six months! Give your packer a new tape dispenser whether he needs it or not. If the employee loses the tape gun, have them replace it.  Your annual cost is only two PVC tape guns per employee per year, a mere $10.00 (Model SL213) investment per employee when purchased in case quantity! Ownership causes packers to take care of their OWN possessions.

Multi-Tasking: tape gun Tape, measure, cut, and mark! 

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