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RPA057 Rocker Arm Spring RPA050A Rocker Arm Assy. RPA063 Cut-off Blade RPA055 Pressure Roll Spring RPA060 Pressure Roll RPA005 Top Rear Guide Plate RPA005 Top Rear Guide Plate RPA005 Top Rear Guide Plate RPA005 Top Rear Guide Plate RPA005 Top Rear Guide Plate

The following parts are available for the B1-4:

Under the Top Cover         Loose Parts

Underside and Motor

Old Part#    New Part#    Description           
4                    RPA004            Bottom Rear Guide Plate  (Lower Tape Plate)

5                    RPA005            Top Rear Guide Plate   (Upper Tape Plate)  
39                  RPA039            Power Cord
40                  RPA040            Strain Relief Bushing
47                  RPA047            Switch Link
48                  RPA048            Switch Link Pin
49                  RPA049            Spring Anchor Pin
50                  RPA050            Rocker Arm (B-1 & FM)
50A                RPA050A          Rocker Arm Assy. (B-1 & FM)
51                  RPA051            Stop Link
52A                RPA052A         Operating Lever w/Knob
53                  RPA053            Rocker Arm Hinge Bar (Shaft)
54                  RPA054            10-32 x 3/8" Thread Cut Screw

55                  RPA055            Pressure Roll Spring
56                  RPA056            3/8" Flat Washer
57                  RPA057            Rocker Arm Spring

58                  RPA058            Channel (B-1, EZ & FM)
59                  RPA059            Pressure Roll Hinge Pin
63                  RPA063            Cutoff Blade