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RPA0074 Motor RPA230 Rubber Foot RPA230 Rubber Foot RPA006 Drive Wheel RPA0074 Motor RPA037 Switch, RPA038 Switch Bracket

The following parts are available for the B1-4:

Under the Top Cover         Loose Parts

Underside and Motor

Old Part#    New Part#    Description           
3                    RPA003            Bottom Cover Plate     
6                    RPA006            Drive Wheel                 
7-4                 RPA0074          Motor   
8                    RPA008            Motor Cover Assy.
10                  RPA010            Bottom Front Guide Plate
37                  RPA037            Motor Switch
38                  RPA038            Motor Switch Bracket
39                  RPA039            Power Cord
40                  RPA040            Strain Relief Bushing (Power Cord)
47                  RPA047            Switch Link
48                  RPA048            Switch Link Pin
49                  RPA049            Spring Anchor Pin
50                  RPA050            Rocker Arm (B-1 & FM)
51                  RPA051            Stop Link
81                  RPA081            8-32 x 1/4" Hex head Screw (Hold motor on)
230                RPA230             Foot Pad
519                RPA519            Heater
536                RPA536            Heater Switch