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Loose Parts Page

The following parts are available for the B1-4:

Under the Top Cover         Loose Parts

Underside and Motor

Old Part#    New Part#    Description           
2                    RPA002            Top Cover                  
8                    RPA008            Motor Cover Assy.
9                    RPA009            Weighted Guide Plate Assy.
11                  RPA011            Sliding Door
25A                RPA025A          Water Bottle & Cap
26                  RPA026            Bottle Support (e-1 & FM)
27R                RPA027R         Tape Roll Guide
29                  RPA029            Center Shaft
39                  RPA039            Power Cord
40                  RPA040            Strain Relief Bushing
52A                RPA052A         Operating Lever w/Knob
220                RPA220            Tank Assy.
222                RPA222            Moistening Brush
536                RPA536            Heater Switch