Click here for the brochure on the Akro Pro-1.

Click here for parts under cover RPA418 Cutoff Striker Arm, RPA419 Cutoff Channel RPA417 Cutoff Arm, RPA416A Cutoff Linkage Assy. RPA440H Cutoff Spring

Additional Parts Pages:

Loose Parts        Under To Cover   

 Underside        Chain Area

Old Part#    New Part#    Description           
251                RPA251            3/16" Grip Ring
265                RPA265            1/8" x 3/4" Roll Pin
403                RPA403            Linkage Cover (Not Shown)
416                RPA416            Cutoff Links (Set of 2)
416A              RPA416A          Cutoff Linkage Assy.
417                RPA417            Cutoff Arm
418                RPA418            Cutoff Striker Arm Assy.
419                RPA419            Cutoff Channel
420                RPA420            Linkage Pin & Clip Ring
421                RPA421            10-32 x 1" Socket Cap Screw
430                RPA430            10-32 x 1-1/2" Machine Screw for Cover

440H              RPA440H          Cutoff Spring