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RPA411 Sliding Door RPA025A Water Bottle and Cap Assy. RPA029 Center Shaft RPA222 Moistening Brush RPA426 Bottle Support Bracket RPA009 Weighted Guide Plate Assy. RPA220 Water Tank Assy. RPA027 Tape Roll Guide

Additional Parts Pages:

Under To Cover        Chain Area

Cutoff Linkage        Underside   

Old Part#    New Part#    Description           
9                    RPA009            Weighted Guide Plate Assy.
25A                RPA025A          Water Bottle & Cap
27R                RPA027R         Tape Roll Guide
29                  RPA029            Center Shaft
220                RPA220            Tank Assy.
222                RPA222            Moistening Brush
411                RPA411            Sliding Door
426                RPA426            Bottle Support for PRO-1