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RPA025A Water Bottle & Cap RPA451 Handle Grip RPA452A Lever Assy. Click here for Under the Cover Parts Area Click here for Moistening Parts RPA462 Nut, RPA 461 Bolt, RPA460, RPA463 RPA428 Nut RPA429 Screw RPA429 Screw RPA444 Bumper, RPA445 Brkt, RPA446 Screw, RPA447 Nut RPA029 Center Shaft RPA027R Tape Roll Guide RPA402 Chain Cover Click here for the Chain Area Page RPA439 Measuring Scale

Additional Parts Pages:

Loose Parts        Under To Cover   

Cutoff Linkage        Underside    Chain Area

Old Part#    New Part#    Description           
25A                RPA025A          Water Bottle & Cap
27R                RPA027R         Tape Roll Guide
29                  RPA029            Center Shaft
402                RPA402            Chain Cover
428                RPA428            3/8-24 Lock Nut
429                RPA429            1/4-20 x 1/2" Cap Screw
430                RPA430            10-32 x 1-1/2" Machine Screw
439                RPA439            Length Scale
444                RPA444            Bumper Pad. Only
445                RPA445            Bumper Bracket & Pad
446                RPA446            1/4-20 x 5/8" Hex Head Screw
447                RPA447            1/4-20 Hex Nut
448                RPA448            1/4" External Lockwasher
450                RPA450            Top Cover
451                RPA451            Lever Handle
452A              RPA452A          Lever Assy.
456                RPA456            1/4-20 Locknut
460                RPA460            Round stop Block
461                RPA461            3/8-16 x 1" Carriage Bolt
461W            RPA461W        1/2" Internal Lockwasher
462                RPA462            3/8-16 Wing Nut
463                RPA463            7/16" Flat Washer
464                RPA464            "PRO" Label