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RPA435 Spring Fulcrum Bar RPA453 Rocker Arm Shaft RPA453 Rocker Arm Shaft RPA436 Pressure Roll Spring RPA063 Cutoff Blade RPA063 Cutoff Blade RPA060 Pressure Roller RPA258 Rocker Arm Channel RPA424 Rocker Arm RPA205 Top Rear Guide Plate (Removeable) RPA010 Bottom Front Guide Plate RPA054 Self Tapping Screw RPA054 Self Tapping Screw RPA450 Top Cover RPA033 Crossbar RPA432 Crossbar Spring

Additional Parts Pages:

Loose Parts        Under To Cover   

Cutoff Linkage        Underside    Chain Area

Old Part#    New Part#    Description           
10                  RPA010            Bottom Front Guide Plate
33                  RPA033            1/4" Cross Bar
54                  RPA054            10-32 x 3/8" Thread Cut Screw
59                  RPA059            Pressure Roll Hinge Pin
60A                RPA060A         Pressure Roll w/Bushing
63                  RPA063            Cutoff Blade
204                RPA204            Bottom Rear Guide Plate
205                RPA205            Top Rear Guide Plate (Removable)
249                RPA249            1/8" x 5/8" Roll Pin
258                RPA258            Rocker Arm Channel (PRO-1)
24A                RPA424A          Rocker Arm Assy.
431                RPA431            Spring Loaded Cross Bar
432                RPA432            Cross Bar Spring
435                RPA435            Spring Fulcrum Bar
436                RPA436            Pressure Roll Spring
450                RPA450            Top Cover
453                RPA453            Rocker Arm Shaft