Pro-1 User Manual


Your PRO-1 gummed tape dispenser is completely assembled, except for the water bottle, bottle support, and tape roll center shaft, which have been packed separately for shipping.

  1. Lift Sliding Door #411 from its track, and remove the water tank and brush.  Wash the new brush with warm water and soap to get good moistening action.  Replace this assembly with the longer bristles of the brush toward the front of the machine.  Squeeze the sides of the brush together a little when sliding the tank and brush in to prevent the bristles from sticking out the sides of the tank and “wicking” water out of the tank.
  2. Insert the foot of Bottle Support #426 into the clip on the linkage cover on the left side of the machine.  (See diagram 1).
  3. Fill the water bottle preferable with warm water, and insert the tip of the cap into the tank filler hole. Lean the bottle back into the bottle bracket. (See diagram 2).   (For download purposes pictures are "thumbnails". Click on pictures to enlarge.)
  4. Adjust the (2) Tape Roll Guides #27 to accommodate the width of tape used. Place Center Shaft #29 through the core of the tape roll, and place the ends of Center Shaft #29 in the notches on top of the Tape Roll Guides, so the tape is supported by, and rotates freely on, the Center Shaft. The tape roll must ALWAYS be supported on the center shaft in this manner to feed the tape smoothly, prevent jamming, and avoid premature wear.
  5. Insert the smooth, flat, and square end of the tape between the Upper and Lower Rear Guide Plates #204 & 205 until the end of the tape is against the Drive Wheel #406 and Pressure Roll #60.  Make sure the tape is centered and straight in the machine.
  6. Pull the Operating Lever Handle forward to feed a few inches of tape out the front of the machine. Release the handle and remove the piece of tape, which has been cut off. To set the machine to a predetermined length, loosen Wing Nut #462 and set the adjustable round Stop Block #460 so the operating lever is stopped at the desired position. Tighten Wing Nut #462 to hold the stop block securely in place.
  7. Operate the dispenser by pulling the operating lever forward until it stops, then releasing it. The tape will be dispensed, moistened, and cut to the set length. For lengths longer than 32 inches, just pull the handle two or more times before fully releasing it to cut the tape.
  8. If the tape is too dry, loosen Screw #219 on the side of the water tank and raise Adjusting Plate #23 to increase the water level. If the tape is too wet, lower Adjusting Plate #23.


Remove and wash the moistening brush with soap and water frequently to remove glue deposits, which may hinder the moistening action.

The Cut-off Blade #63 is designed for easy removal for cleaning, which should be done frequently to ensure proper cutting action, and to prevent jamming.

To remove the blade, open Top Cover #450. Lift Weighted Guide Plate #9 to unhook its turned-up back edge from under Crossbar #33, and remove the plate. Pull the Blade off the end of Rocker Arm #424 and lift it up and out of the machine. To replace the blade, reverse this process, making sure the “FRONT” label faces the front of the machine. Be sure that the upturned back edge of the Weighted Guide Plate is hooked under Crossbar #33, and that the weight is on the top front of the plate.  The Weighted Guide Plate helps hold the blade in place.

To remove the Top Rear Guide Plate #205 for cleaning, or removing the last couple of inches from a roll of tape, simply remove the (2) Tape Roll Guides #27, and pull the Guide Plate straight back from under spring-loaded Cross Bar #431. When replacing the Guide Plate, be sure to push it all the way forward so it snaps into place under Cross Bar #431, and the downward projections on each side rest on the bottom Rear Guide Plate, providing space for the tape to slide between them.

Oil Chain #433 and other moving parts occasionally with light machine oil. Every few months, apply a light grease to the inside of Clutch Shell #407.


The slot in which the blade moves must have the proper clearance to prevent jamming. If the slot is too narrow, there may be too much friction on the blade, preventing it from rising high enough to allow the tape to pass under it. If the slot is too wide, the tape may curl down before being completely cut off, and the end may be directed down into the machine, causing the machine to jam.

To adjust the width of the slot, remove the Water Bottle, Sliding Door, Water Tank, and Weighted Guide Plate. Loosen the (2) Screws #54 which hold the Bottom Front Guide Plate #10 (just in front of the Blade).  Move the Guide Plate forward or back to get the desired clearance. The proper clearance is about one thickness of reinforced tape. When the clearance has been set, re-tighten screws #54. CAUTION—Do not tighten these screws so tightly that they strip the threads out of the aluminum side rails.


Machines sent to us for repair or adjustment must be well packed to prevent damage in shipment, which may result in additional repair costs.

Please give us a complete description of the problem. This saves diagnostic time and reduces labor charges. We need your name, address, and phone number. Please tell us which parts, which you have NOT returned.  Parts not returned with the machine will be presumed lost, and replaced with new ones unless we are informed otherwise.