Akro-matic Dispensers


With its simple construction and operation, the Pro-1 tape dispenser was easy to use, and easy to fix.  The operator merely pulls the handle and tape is dispensed.

We are out of stock on this unit.

Each handle stroke provide 4" up to 30".  Longer lengths require multiple pulls.  This machine works best with light duty gummed tapes.  We will continue to offer replacement parts until depleted.

Effective February 2005, the manufacturer is discontinuing all AKRO models.  Very limited part availability.

Click here for the User Manual.  Click here for the Parts List.


Size:  18"L x 12"W x 11" (approx.)
Water Bottle Capacity:  1 Pint
Shipping Weight 22 lbs.
Power Requirements:  Human
Tape Width:  1" (33mm) up to 3" (10 cm)
Maximum Roll Size:  7.9" (200 mm) diameter roll
Factory Warranty:  90 Days parts and labor.

We now handle multiple lines of gummed tape dispensers.  Check here for a review of all major brands.

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