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TS150 - Still Available!!!

TapeShooter® 150 (a.k.a. CounterBoy® 33A)

A heavy duty dispenser for reinforced and kraft gummed tape. Optional top heater available.  TS150 features pre-set universal pressure plate, snap-out knife, plastic water tank, unbreakable water bottle, dual moistening brushes, and rugged riveted steel frame construction. TS150 cuts standard 60 lb. or reinforced gummed tapes 1 ½" to 4" widths. Measures up to 39" single stroke; repeat strokes - longer lengths. Shipping weight 35#. 

Key Benefits 

Standard TapeShooter 150 .. TapeShooter 150 with Optional Heater

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liquid_penetron.JPG (15081 bytes) Makes it stick quicker!

For applications requiring heat, the model TS150 w/TH comes with the top heater for faster reactivation of the glues on reinforced tapes.

Click the following option: CodeTaper.  The CodeTaper prints a continuous message every 9 1/2" for date coding, product identification, etc.

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