Better Packages BI-4

The Big Inch 4 dispenses up to 1" wide tape, and depending upon handle location, up to four different lengths of tape.  The machine is available in three different models.  One basic and two with slitters.  Select either a three strip slitter, or a four strip slitter.  The most popular is the four strip slitter model which allows for widths of tape in combinations depending upon the blade slitter engagement.

Slitter Assembly Swinging Spool Holder & Arm Assembly Feed Reel & Ratchet Assembly Detent Roller Tape Guide Roll Assembly Shuttle, Cam Roller & Cutter Blade Assembly Crank, Knob & Rubber Assembly Side Plate & Stud Assembly Four Strip Slitter model shown in picture.  The non slitter models only differ in the slitter mechanism and the "fixed" roll spindle attachment.

This model has been discontinued by Better Packages.  Many parts are no longer available.

The following replacement parts are available:

A47            Foot
BIC12XX     Feed Reel & Ratchet Assembly (Paddle Wheel)
BIC28         Crank Return Spring
BIC32B       Tension Spring (Detent Roller)
BIC37X        Detent Roller & Frame Assembly
BT15XX      Shuttle, Cam Roller & Cutting Blade Assembly
BT12X        Side Plate & Stud Assembly
BT17          Blade
BT20X        Driver Disc & Pawl Assembly
BT21X        Crank, Knob & Rubber Bumper Assembly
BT25          Main Stud
BT27AXX    4-Strip Slitter Assembly
BT28AXX    3-Strip Slitter Assembly
BT30X        Tape Guide Roll Assembly (Slitter models)
BT34XX      Swinging Spool Holder & Arm Assembly (Slitter models)
BT41          Grooved Slitting Roller (4 Strip Slitter model)
BT41A        Grooved Slitting Roller (3 Strip Slitter model)
PW17         Rivet (Foot)

Need a better picture of the most common parts?  Click here.

If you do not see the part you are after, please contact our technical department.  Side frames and cast iron parts are available, but replacement may be better.