BP500 Heater and Blade Area

TS375B Heater Lift Knob TH102 Heater Temperature Control Knob TH55-L-XXX Top Heater Assy. B500-031-K Cutter Blade Kit FM18 Shear Guide Roller FM18 Shear Guide Roller E580SA Shaft E580SA Shaft SA10X Oiler Pad SA13 Spring ST2882 Nut TO105 Screw E580RA Retainer

   Control Housing



  Tape Basket Area

  Under the top cover

    Safety Plates

TH55-L-XXX Heater Assy.
TH102 Heater Temperature Knob
TS375B Heater Lift Knob
E580SA Shaft (Heater and Oiler Pad)
FM18 Shear Guide Rollers
SA10X Oiler Pad
SA13 Spring (for Oiler Pad)
B500-031-K Cutter Blade Kit
ST2882 Nut
TO256 Screw
E580RA Retainer (for shafts)

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