BP500 Control Housing Area

B500-001-01 Circuit Board Keypad B500-003-01 Off/On Switch E555-071-01         E555-150-00 Encoder Disc B500-011-00 Upper Feed Wheel B500-017-01 Sensor Assy. B500-018-00 Sensor Bracket B500-018-00 Sensor Bracket B500-016-01 Interlock Switch B500-007-00 Interlock Switch Bracket

  Heater and Blade Area   



  Tape Basket Area

  Under the top cover

  Safety Plates

B500-002-00 Plastic Key Drum Housing
B500-001-01 Controller Circuit Board
ST2341 Fuse, 4A, 5MM x 20MM, Slo Blo
B500-003-01 Key Pad
E555-071-01 Off/On Switch
B555-150-00 Encoder Disc
B500-011-00 Upper Feed Wheel Shaft
B500-017-01 Tape Sensor Assy. (Optical Reader)
B500-018-00 Sensor Mounting Bracket (Optical Reader)
B500-016-01 Interlock Cut-Off Switch
B500-007-00 Interlock Switch Mounting Bracket
B500-019-00 Interlock Switch Guard

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