Better Pack BP500

Parts List

Control Housing Area Heater Area E582X Top Cover E583 Rear Cover FF6100 Water Bottle E561PX Water Tank, E107X Moistening Brushes Safety Plate Page       

          Heater and Blade Area       Control Housing

  Solenoid      Motor    Tape Basket Area

  Under the top cover        Safety Plates

B500-L-XXX Left Side Frame Assy (Control Side)
B500-R-XXX Right Side Frame Assy (Motor Side)
E582X Top Cover
E583 Rear Cover
E561PX Water Tank
E107X Moistening Brushes
TH55-L-XXX Top Heater
TH102 Top Heater Temperature Adjustment Knob
TS375B Top Heater Knob
ST484 Power Cord
FF6100 Water Bottle