BP500 Under the top cover area.

E555-065-00 Upper Feed Wheel Control Housing Area Blade and Top Heater Area FM12EL Upper Tape Plate FM11AX Lower Tape Plate K37X Collar with Set Screw K37X Collar with Set Screw FM12EL Upper Tape Plate FM12EL Upper Tape Plate B500-004-00 Roll Guide B500-004-00 Roll Guide FM56 Slotted Tie Rod E582X Top Cover Interlock Switch and Guard (sold seperately)


  Heater and Blade Area       Control Housing

  Solenoid      Motor    Tape Basket Area

  Under the top cover        Safety Plates

B500-004-00 Roll Guide for Tape
B500-011-00 Upper Feed Wheel Shaft
B500-016-01 Interlock Switch Assy. (Switch & Cable)
B500-019-00 Guard - Interlock Switch
B500-031-K Blade Kit
E555-065-00 Upper Feed Wheel - Black Neoprene
EA46P Pin - Upper Feed Wheel
E580SA Shaft (For Top Heater and/or Oiler Pad)
E582X Top Cover
E583 Rear Cover
FM11AX Lower Tape Plate
FM12EL Upper Tape Plate
FM18 Shear Guide Roller
FM56 Slotted Tie Rod (for Tape Guides)
K37X Collar and Set Screw
SA10X Oiler Pad
SA13 Oiler Pad Spring
PW77CX Upper Feed Wheel - Metal (Old Style)
TH102 Knob - Top Heater Temperature Control
TH103 Label - Top Heater
TH55-L-XXX Top Heater Assy.
TS375B Knob - Top Heater Lift

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