Trouble Shooting Instructions

for Model BP 554

Most Common Malfunctions

1. Tape Not Cutting

a.) Check lateral adjustment
b.) Change blades FM2OBX-K
c.) Change E585C yoke spring

2. Not Feeding

a.) Check safety switch position
b.) Replace motor brushes ND1O5BX-K
c.) Check power supply i.e. connections, outlet, etc.
d.) Check set screws on upper feed wheel and sprockets

3. Continuous Feed or Long Lengths

a.) Check switch bar assembly for binding DU12OAXXX
b.) Check for defective switch E5O2LX
c.) Check timing belts DU176, DU177 for wear or oil
d.) Check for defective controller switch DUl16
e.) Check cut out switch lever FF112, DU129 for bending

4. Erratic Lengths

a.) Check for oil on clutch roller
b.) Adjust lower feed wheel
c.) Check upper feed wheel for wear - replace PW77CX
d.) Check upper tape plate FM12EL for rounding - replace
e.) Check rear guides for binding - readjust
f.) Check set screws on PW77CX upper feed wheel
g.) Check brake disc DU158X for wear

5. Tape Jams

a.) Check blades if not cutting clean - replace.
b.) Check solenoid assembly for hardware adjustments
c.) Check for bent upper and lower tape plate
d.) Check to see if brushes (E1O7X) are installed correctly.
e.) Check for bent pivot rod (E58OSA)

6. Motor Won't Turn or Turns Slow

a.) Check motor brush ND1O5BX-K - replace
b.) Check motor sprocket set screw
c.) Check motor reduction gear assy.
d.) Check for broken wire

7. No Heat

a.) Check heater plug and outlet
b.) Check for broken wire
c.) Replace any heater with badly bent lower plate or broken covers to prevent shock hazards.

8. Broken Covers

Replace any broken or badly cracked covers.

9. Feeds Constant

Misadjusted push rod or bent finger FF119A

10. Feed Erratic

Replace relay - FF127R

11. Does Not Maintain Size Consistently

Bumper plate assembly worn - replace FF7XX

General Trouble Shooting Instructions

Tape Feed Problems

1. Feeds erratic short strips.

a.) Measuring wheels binding - DUl60X
b.) Measuring wheel return spring tension incorrect - DU166
c.) Feed wheels slipping. Check set screw setting on cutter yoke - E564RAXX.
d.) See cutter yoke and shear adj.

2. Constant feed.

a.) Oil on measuring wheels DU160X and clutch roller DU108X.
b.) Timing belt pulley DU135 on feed wheel shaft loose on shaft.
c.) Rubber tread DU159 on measuring wheels displaced.
d.) Check timing belts DU176, DU177 for wear or looseness.
e.) Measuring wheel DUl60X slipping against clutch roller DUl09X.

3. Feeds new strip as soon as dispensed strip is removed from machine.

a.) DU116 drive control switch defective. (operate machine with key drum removed to see which side is working in above manner)
b.) Check key switch E502 circuit may not be opening.

4. Feeds consecutive strips if key switch is held down.

Finger FF119A not operating properly - improper adjustment of cut-out switch. FF112

5. Feeds and cuts only while key switch is depressed, one key switch works in normal manner.

Defective drive control stitch DU115 on side operating in abnormal manner.

6. One key switch inoperative, other key 5-switch operates in normal manner.

a.) Key switch E502 defective.
b.) Corresponding control solenoid riot working DU140F or DU140R.
c.) Check corresponding control switch actuator DUl45BXX
d.) Defective corresponding control switch DU116.
e.) Corresponding control solenoid connecting pin DU208 missing or broken.

7. Tape feeds slowly

a.) Poor motor brush contact with communicator
b.) Worn motor brushes
c.) Defective motor NDl05, ND110
d.) Tape is binding on sides (especially if CodeTaper is attached)

8. No tape feed

a.) Motor not operating ND105, TDll0
b.) Solenoid not operating E550
c.) Neither motor nor solenoid operating
d.) Cutter yoke far out of adjustment - feed wheel PW77CX not gripping tape

9. Tape jams

a.) Shear blade FM20BX does not lift up before tape feed. See cutter yoke and shear adj.
b.) Tape is being pinched by pressure plate due to worn moistening brushes.
c.) Upper tape plate missing or not in correct position
d.) Reduce weight on pressure plate FF609THXXX
e.) Insufficient space between heater pivot rod E580S and lower tape plate DU175

10. Left hand corner of tape folded over

Shear FMl0BX too low. Check rocker set screw adjustment to raise shear. See cutter yoke and shear adj.

11. Strips not correct length but consistent (lengths inaccurate up to 1")

See length adj. instructions

Electrical Problems

1. Machine doesn't operate, pilot light doesn't light

a.) Power cord not plugged in
b.) Break in power cord PCPG1A
c.) Main power switch defective SW2TO

2. Machine doesn't operate; pilot lights, heater doesn't work

a.) Plug from key drum to machine not plugged in or connections are poor
b.) Wire nuts E634 & E634A, connecting motor NDlO5, NDll0, and solenoid E550 inside motor cover are not making good connections

3. Motor does not operate

a.) Poor connection at wire nuts E634 & E634A under motor cover
b.) Worn motor brushes
c.) Brushes not contacting communicator
d.) Defective motor NDl05, NDll0

4. Solenoid doesn't operate

a.) Poor connection at wire nuts E634, E634A under motor cover
b.) Defective solenoid E550

5. One Key switch E50lL inoperative, other key switch operates normally only after power switch SW2TO has been turned off, then on.

Defective corresponding drive control switch - DU116

6. Machine operates intermittently or when finger is pressed down manually.

a.) Check DU119 trip bar tension spring.
b.) Cut-out switch mechanism binding and not operating freely.
c.) Check torsion spring DUl80 On cut-out switch mechanism.
d.) Cut-out switch trip bar DU120XXX sticking and not sliding freely.

7. Machine doesn't operate but pilot light and heater work.

a.) Check cut-out switch FFl12 and its adj.
b.) Check operation of finger FF119A and its adj.
c.) Small piece of tape under finger FFl19A preventing it from operating.
d.) Check drive control switches DU116 and actuating mechanism.

Cutting Problems

1. Shear doesn't cut.

a.) Shear blades have accumulated asphalt or non-asphaltic gum. clean with suitable solvent and keep blade oiler fully oiled.
b.) Check stationary blade for correct lateral adjustment. See lateral blade adj.
c.) Blades dull FM20BX, FM2lX
d.) Cutter spring E585C needs replacing.
e.) Pivot holes in cutter yoke E584RAX. worn elongated
f.) Solenoid E550 has too much up and down motion on mounting plate. See Solenoid adjustment.

Miscellaneous Problems

1. Solenoid E-550 buzzes. See solenoid adjustment.

a.) Solenoid mounting too tight not free to align itself.
b.) Solenoid mounting screws not evenly tightened. plunger of solenoid not seating evenly.
c.) Rust in and around plunger of solenoid.
d.) Solenoid sponge pad E599 worn or deteriorated.

2. Tape roll jumps around when feeding.

a.) Core from previous roll of tape in machine.
b.) Bottom roller FM59X in basket missing or broken.

Measuring Wheel Tension Spring Setting