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BP555e Heater Parts

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Brass Washer E555-069-01 Tape Sensor and Cable Assy. Mounting Clip E555-157-01 ST1949 Screw FM18A Shear Guide Roller FM18A  Shear Guide Roller Brass Washer Mounting Clip E555-157-01 ST1949 Screw FM75 Square Lock Nut E555-136-00  Lower Heater Plate E555-007-01 Top Heater

E555-007-01 TOP HEATER ASSY.
E555-136-00 Lower Heater Plate
E555-157-01 Mounting Clips
E555-029-00 Heater Cover
E555-069-01 Tape Sensor and Cable (BP555eSA and BP555eLA only)
ST1949 Screw

The picture above is the most recent engineering change made to the BP555e series machines.  The Pivot Rod (E580SA) and old style Retainer (E580RA) have been replaced with the mounting clips above.  Also note the Lower Heater Plate is a new addition replacing the old style Lower Tape Plate that extended to the moistening brushes.

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