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BP555e Tape Plates Parts

SA13 Tension Spring for Oiler Pad Lower Tape Plate E555-018-00 Upper Tape Plate FM20BXK Shear Kit - Standard SA10X Oiler Pad Oiler Pad Mounting Shaft BP555e Main Parts Page - Click here.

SA10X Oiler Pad and Bracket Assy.
  Shaft (New Design)*
SA13 Spring
E555-018-00 Upper Tape Plate (New Design)
Lower Tape Plate (New Design)
FM20BKX Shear Kit - Standard

If your machine utilizes a shaft with a groove for the heater and oiler pad order E580SA for the shaft, and E580RA for the retainer.  Follow the Heater Parts page for the newer retainer.

The following pages are available by clicking directly on the links.

Start Page     Heater Parts    Inside View 1

Inside View 2    Keypad        Motor Side Area

Control Side Area    Shears, Tape Plates and Oiler

Top Cover        Underside    Accessories Page

Side Covers    Solenoid