Better Packages

Better Pack BP555S and L parts list.

Please note S, L, L72, and L90 model specific parts listed below common parts. Call for current pricing and availability. Click on the following link to see the brochure for the BP555 model.  The BP555 models listed above have all been discontinued by Better Packages.  This parts list is broken down into several pages.  Select the area of interest and click.

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Common Parts on all machines:

Right Side Frame        Left Side Frame

Motor and Chain Cover    Covers

Key Drum    Inside of the Key Drum

Clutch Rod Assembly    Upper Tape Plate

Yoke and Shear Assemblies    Solenoid

Idler Assembly    Oiler Pad

Lower Tape Plate    Vertical Tie Plate

Tape Basket    Water Tank and Brushes

Water Bottle    Top Heater


 Parts For BP555-S Only

Measuring Wheel    Trip Roller and Arm Assembly

Clutch Plate    Safety Switch

Parts For BP555L-36 and BP555L-45

Clutch Plate    Safety Switch

Measuring Wheel

Parts For BP555L-72 and BP555L-90

Clutch Plate    Safety Switch

Measuring Wheel

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