Length Adjustment Model BP556

Tools needed: LN-25 hex screw driver 5/32"

Unplug machine from power source. Remove Adjustment Bumper Plate (FF7XX) from Key Drum. To the right of the space left by the removal of Adjustment Bumper Plate you will see the Cap Screw (FF90) located on the Measuring Wheel. Insert the 5/32" Hex Screw Driver in the cap screw and loosen. To shorten tape lengths move bumper bracket clockwise. To lengthen tape lengths move bumper bracket counterclockwise.
Replace Adjustable Bumper Plate (FF7XX), making sure the Bumper Suction Cup (E618) is in back of the Bumper Plate (FF51). If this assembly is not replaced correctly, the Adjustable Bumper Plate will prevent the measuring wheel from turning in the correct direction.