BP755 and BP754 Loose Parts

5UN0710 Tape Guide TS37K Moistening Brushes 5UN0330 Water Tank 5UN0370 Upper Tape Plate 5UN0430 Water Bottle

Hold your mouse over the part for the part number.

5UN-043-0 Water Bottle
5UN-071-0 Tape Guide
5UN-033-0 Plastic Water Tank
TS37K Moistening Brushes (SET OF 2)
5UN-037-0 Upper Tape Plate
0333090 Bottle Bracket (not shown)

The following pages are available for both models by clicking directly on the links:

Loose Parts        Inside Top Cover Parts        Underside Area

Specific to the BP755:    Main Page        Control Housing  

Specific to the BP754:    Main Page        Control Housing