BP333 Gear Area

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Underside Area Page PW35A Handle Stop FM41XX Handle Assembly GE79X 6" Gear Assy GE79X Gear Assy FM49X Shaft and Pinion Gear

The following pages are available:

Underside Area        Water Parts         Cutting Blades

Gear Cover        Inside the Top Cover        Pressure Plate

Part #        Description

A47            Foot
FM100        Clip-nut for Drum
FM1FX        Left Side Frame (Handle Side)
FM2FX        Right Side Frame (Bottle Side)
FM3E         Lower Front Cover
FM41XX      Handle Assembly
FM49X        Feed Wheel Shaft and Pinion Gear
GE79X        6" Gear Assembly (includes smaller gear)***
PW17        Rivet for Foot
PW35A      Handle Rest Round New Style 

*** When replacing the GE79X it is highly recommended to replace the FM49X as the gears mesh together.