Better Packages changed the TS333 during 2002, but returned to the older style in 2007.  Below are some of the parts that changed.  The top picture is the old style (feed wheels and upper tape plate are the same), the lower the new.  Holding your mouse over the part will show the part number.

The following pages are available:

Underside Area        Water Parts         Cutting Blades

Handle & Gear Area        Gear Cover        Inside the Top Cover    

FM11X Lower Tape Plate FM12EL Upper Tape Plate FM18 Brass Shear Guide Roller FM18 Brass Shear Guide Roller E580RA Pivot Rod Retainer PW77X Upper Feed Wheel FM39XXX Lower Feed Wheel E580SA Pivot Rod FM16X Pressure Plate (Scroll below for the newer machine).

FM12EL Upper Tape Plate
FM11X Aluminum Lower Tape Plate
PW77X Upper Feed Wheel
FM16X Pressure Plate Assembly
FM18 Brass Rollers
E580SA Pivot Rod for Pressure Plate
E580RA Retainer
FM39XXX Lower Idler Assembly

Out with the old, in with the new.  In 2002 Better Packages changed the Lower Tape Plate and added a "J" plate and changed the Pressure Plate Assembly to accommodate future E-Z Pull Tab Tape.  Note the changes in the new style Pressure Plate and an added Support Bracket.  These parts will only fit the older machines if ALL are replaced at the same time. After 2007 Better Packages went back to the old style FM11X lower tape plate.

New Style "J" Plate FM126J TS33300601 New Style Pressure Plate FM11JX LOWER TAPE PLATE FM130JX PLATE

Pictured are the newest parts for the TS333.

FM126J "J" Plate
FM11JX Aluminum Lower Tape Plate
FM130JX Plate
TS33300601 Pressure Plate Assembly w/Weights
TW24EB Weight slug (2 per machine)