BP333 Water Moistening Parts

Several years ago Better Packages changed the water bottle and brackets on the TS333.  A large 1 liter bottle the length of the machine offered less trips for water.  We differentiate the bottles by asking if the bottle runs the length of the machine or looks like a liquor flask.  Both are pictured below.  By holding your mouse over the part, the number will appear.

FF6100 Water Bottle FF12B Water Bottle PW107AK Moistening Brushes FM6AXX Water Tank

The following pages are available:

Underside Area          Cutting Blades

Handle & Gear Area        Gear Cover

Inside the Top Cover        Pressure Plate

Part #        Description

FF12B        Old Style "Liquor Flask" Water Bottle
FF6100       Large 1 Liter Bottle
FF6150       Large 1 Liter Bottle Retro-fit Kit w/Brackets
FM6AXX      Water Tank
PW107AK    Moistening Brushes (Set of 2)