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Better Packages TapeShooter® 100

Discontinued 1991

Key Benefits

  • Snap out blade
  • Dual moistening brushes
  • Hand set feed stop

The "OLD RED RELIABLE" TAPESHOOTER® 100 (Click on the picture for a larger one)

This cast iron machine was essentially the same sturdy model that had been manufactured for over 50 years!  Some companies I have visited have machines over 30 years old!  Features included all metal construction, plastic water bottle, factory preset pressure plate, twin tandem moistening brushes, adjustable water level control, removable cutter blade for easy cleaning, hand set feed stop for repeat lengths and easy to read scale.

TS100 cut standard 60 lb. or reinforced gummed tapes 1 ½" to 3" widths. Measures up to 30" single stroke; repeat strokes - longer lengths. 

Special Note:  Better Packages discontinued this machine due to the high cost of cast iron manufacturing.  (Do you think they lasted too long???) Visit our contents page for a replacement.

Click here for the Maintenance Guide or here for the Parts List.  We do not stock any parts for this machine.

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