Better Packages 

High Resolution Ink Jet Printer

Discontinued as a stand alone unit. Still available for attaching to a BP500.

The Better Pack high resolution ink jet printer can easily be mounted on most case sealers and/or conveyor systems and enables the printing of time and date code stamps, logos and other changeable messages directly on several different substrates like corrugated cartons as they pass by. Thus saving the cost of purchasing pressure sensitive label stock and a direct thermal and thermal transfer type printer and using an operator or high expensive label applicator.

Recommended for producers and distributors of food, beverages, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals or any product that requires time, date, shift code stamping, messaging or branding. The evolution of ink jet printers now affords this multi-featured unit at a great value.


Pictured: Optional multiple head printing system printing multiple lines of code.

Standard Unit Features:

Ink Jet Kit

  •   High resolution ink jet printer, 300 dpi
  •   Ink cartridge more ink spills!
  •   Ability to increase print size by adding up to 3 additional print heads
  •   Ability to purchase entire system or individual components
  •   Ink Jet powered by Hewlett Packard
Ink Jet Software
  •   Variable character heights
  •   Print up to 3 logos in either one line mode or two line mode
  •   Time and date stamping
  •   Basic Software or upgrade to Premium Software

Complete Standard System Includes:

A controller with 4 line x 16 character LCD and tactile keypad for message entry. A high resolution print head module with complete mounting bracket and internal product sensor for side coding applications.

Standard Operating Features:

Example printed using 2 print head modules with one doing 7/32" high characters on top 2 lines, and one doing 1/2" high print for bottom line.

Additional Spec:

Ink Supply:

Power Required:


Physical Dimensions:

Hardware Options:

Item Number Description
123M-IJP-SYS-SA BP Ink Jet Printer with Basic Software
123M-IJP-AHD-SA BP Add-On Head (no controller)
123A-IJP-SW3 Premium Software
123A-IJP-C21050-SA Low Ink Beacon
123A-IJP-BOX-SA Spring Loaded Carton Follower
123A-IJP-C21007-SA External Encoder
123A-IJP-C21006-SA Ext. Photo Electric Sensor
123A-IJP-96280-01 Floor Mounted Pedestal Stand
123A-IJP-TMT-SA Top Coding Mounting Adapter
123C-IJP-4500BK6 Ink Jet Cartridge 6 pack - Black
123C-IJP-4500BL6 Ink Jet Cartridge 6 pack - Blue
123C-IJP-4500GR6 Ink Jet Cartridge 6 pack - Green
123C-IJP-4500RD6 Ink Jet Cartridge 6 pack - Red
123C-IJP-4500YW6 Ink Jet Cartridge 6 pack - Yellow