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Discontinued 2009

BP333 Plus Stainless Steel

For over 40 years the BP333 has been the best manual on the market for dispensing Kraft gummed paper tapes. Better Packages created a stainless steel version of the BP333 which allows for thorough wash-down ideal for food processing environments where cleanliness is critical.  The stainless steel also stands up to many corrosive chemicals used in cleaning food surfaces.  The BP333SS utilizes the same cutting blades, one liter water bottle, and feed wheel system as the more popular BP555 electric series. Double moistening brushes reactivate all the hard dry glues on tape.

Better Pack® 333 Plus Stainless Steel

Key Benefits:

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Machine can be washed down to clean
  • 30" per handle stroke.
  • Same blades, bottle, feed wheels, 2 of 3 moistening brushes as the BP555S.
  • Easy handle pull.
  • New upgraded tape guides.
  • New urethane feed wheel for smooth performance.

This model offers easy clean knife, easy pull operation, length control, water level control and steel construction. BP333 cuts standard 60 lb. or reinforced gummed tapes 1 ½" to 3" widths. Measures up to 30" single stroke; repeat strokes - longer lengths. Shipping weight 22#. The BP333SS is the only machine available with stainless steel. We BET 333 delivers value you can trust.

Item # Description Price
123M-0333 Better Pack 333 Plus See Cart
123M-0333H Better Pack 333 Plus w/Top Heater See Cart
123M-0333SS Better Pack 333 Plus Stainless Steel Version Disc

liquid_penetron.JPG (15081 bytes)Penetron makes tape stick quicker!

Optional equipment include the Tape Aerial for creasing the tape down the middle for easier placement, CodeTaper #6 for printing a continuous message every 9 1/2" for date coding, product identification, and a top heater for faster reactivation of the hardened dried glues. 

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With Better Pack Tape from Better Packages.

Replacement moistening brushes are recommended every 3-5 years for best tape adhesion.  Order item #123P-PW107AK. 

We service what we sell and we carry a full line of replacement parts. If you can't fix it, put it in a box and send it in to our service department.  Email below for details.

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