Better Packages gummed tape case sealer -Discontinued

The BP Sealmaster 3000 CS is designed to incorporate automation with reinforced and non-reinforced water-activated tape for a strong, secure seal. Maximized productivity and enhanced carton security is delivered by this inline, semi-automatic case sealer when sealing fixed sized cartons. Built to adapt and perform in high-volume packaging environments, the BP Sealmaster 3000 CS is manually fed to simultaneously seal the top and/or bottom of the carton optimizing your output. 

(Shown with optional conveyors)

Standard model BP3000CS. If you are interested in checking out a better method for sealing cartons, call today for more info.

Efficient and Secure...Consistent Operation

Unique Options for Enhanced Performance

Available with the BP E-Z Pull Tab System that applied the patented BP E-Z Pull Tab tear strip to the center of the WAT on the upper seal. BP E-Z Pull Tab System is the ideal solution where costly damage product returns, high workman's comp claims and brand image are concerns. A seal with BP E-Z Pull Tab offers a safe and secure means of opening a carton without the need for a box cutter or sharp object.

Specifications for the CS3000:

Carton Dimensions:

Tape Roll:

Machine Footprint:  90" (2.3m) L x 43" (1.1m) W x 79"(2.0m) H
Electrical Requirements:  Mono-phase - 220 VAC, 60hz
Air Requirements:  90psi
Warranty:  1 year parts and materials, 6 months labor
Weight:  590 lbs. (267 kg)