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Better Packages, the world's leading manufacturer of water activated tape dispenser and systems, proudly presents the new Better Pack® 500 Ink Jet System. The rugged and reliable BP500 is an electric tape dispenser that simplifies the process of sealing cartons with reinforced, water activated tape (WAT) now has the ability to code and mark the tape as it is dispensed. The BP500 has been developed in accordance with nearly 90 years of manufacturing and field experience to offer the strength, safety and stability that is synonymous with all Better Packages® products.

A Powerful Tape Dispenser...

Built to Last

Simplicity & Efficiency in a Durable Design

Print directly on gummed tape as the tape dispenses from the machine. On demand printing, allows you to change messages instantly.
High Resolution printer – 300 dpi
Variable character heights
With the Premium IJ Printer - Print up to 3 different logos
Easy cartridge changeover…no more messy ink spills.
The controller changes the  message or logo instantly.

Safe and Strong. Continuing the Tradition of Excellence.

We recommend the Better Pack Tape.

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With Better Pack Tape from Better Packages.

Ink Jet Info:

IJ Printer Basic Software

  • One message with text and or a logo
  • Variable Character heights  (one line in ½” or two lines in 7/32”)
  • Message length; 24 characters of ½” height, 48 characters of 7/32” height  

IJ Printer Premium Software

  • All of Basic features
  • Message storage of up 99 messages
  • Automatic message repeat
  • Password protection
  • Expanded message length; 48 for ½”, 96 for 7/32”
  • Variable time formats
  • Variable date formats
  • Sequential numbering
  • Shift coding capability
  • Date offset and product counter

Message Yield:

  • The ink jet cartridge holds 42 ml of ink per cartridge.
  • The ink cartridge is Hewlett Packard Technology.
  • The ink cartridge will print 45,000 messages, assuming a 10 character ½” message. 
  • A company ships 200 packages a day with one printed 10 character message on each package - the ink cartridge will last approximately 112 days.

For more details click for a .pdf file here.

BP500 Functionality:

  • Tactile Keypad*
  • Better Packages Original Triple Brush Moistening System
  • Blade Oiler for long life guillotine cutter blades
  • Full range of length options from 4" and 6" to 90" in 3" increments.
  • Last Length Repeat Key
  • Random Key for up to 120"
  • Fully Adjustable Top Heater
  • Urethane Feed Wheel for long life.

* Select from 6"-45", a doubler key, random key, and repeat key.

New safety features include: 

  • Regulatory Compliance meets or exceeds UL, CE and CSA standards.
  • Safety Interlock Switch disables the machine when the top cover is lifted.
  • New Blade Lifter incorporated with the moveable shear for easy access.
  • Detachable Power Cord.
  • Restrictor plate to prevent user access to inside movable parts.

The following options are still available for the BP555S: CodeTaper and Taper Aerial.

Click on the following items that support the BP500:

Maintenance Instructions Parts List

Item # Description
123M-500IJ Better Pack BP500 Ink Jet Ready Base Unit
(Plus Printer unit below)
123A-SWBC IJ Printer Basic Software w/Controller
123A-SWB IJ Printer Basic Software no Controller
123A-SW3C IJ Printer Premium Software w/Controller
123A-SW3 IJ Printer Premium Software no Controller
123C-IJP4500BK6 6 Pack Ink Jet Cartridges - Black
123C-IJP4500BL6 6 Pack Ink Jet Cartridges - Blue
123C-IJP4500GR6 6 Pack Ink Jet Cartridges - Green
123C-IJP4500RD6 6 Pack Ink Jet Cartridges - Red
123C-IJP4500YW6 6 Pack Ink Jet Cartridges - Yellow
123C-LOGOCR Logo Creation Fee (Each)


  • Dispensing Speed:  Up to 45" per second
  • Water Bottle Capacity:  1 Liter
  • Shipping Weight 41 lbs.
  • Power Requirements:  115v, 60 Hz, 5 amps  UL listed, CE, CSA
  • Tape Width:  1 1/5" up to 3" (3.8 TO 7.7 CM)
  • Maximum Roll Size:  Up to 7 1/2" diameter roll
  • Factory Warranty:  Two year electronic parts, six months on labor on machine. (Excluding wearable items like the moistening brushes, motor brushes, and shears unless proven to be defective.)