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For applications requiring faster service.  The electronic models dispense Kraft gummed paper and reinforced tapes at the touch of a button.

Key Benefits: 

Better Pack® Electronic model BP555e series are the newest electronic machines on the market today. With color coded selective measuring lengths and the most advanced moistening system, you are assured of a strong, safe carton closure with the minimum amount of tape.  We service what we sell and we carry a full line of replacement parts. 

The BP555eS offers 6"-45" buttons in 3" increments with a "+" and "-" 1/2" buttons, a double key, random key, and a repeat key.

With triple brush moistening and a patented top heater to deliver hot tape you are sure to have foolproof adhesion that actually laminates the tape to the carton. Only with hot tape can you be sure that all the tape’s hard dry glue is reactivated in the split second it takes to dispense it.  Hot tape is "alive."  It hugs the Kraft of the carton to form an inseparable bond even if it is not carefully rubbed down by the packer!  The top heater heats the tips of the brushes where the tape passes over the brushes for "zone" heating.  Adjustable pressure bars regulate flow of water for different types of tape and sealing situations.

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With Better Pack Tape from Better Packages.

liquid_penetron.JPG (15081 bytes) Makes it stick quicker!

The Better Pack® 555eS handles reinforced and paper gummed tapes from 1 ½" to 3" wide. If you need a 4" model, see the BP755 and/or BP754


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Note the number of repeat keys and length for the selector buttons.
(Optional Metric lengths available with 220v models.)

For the full featured model, see the BP555eLA.  Click here.  We also offer off rental, and demo units when available. 

Improve your speed, efficiency, placement and performance with the available optional equipment: 

CodeTapers - For Printing

Tape Aerials - For Speed/Placement

Foot Pedals - Efficiency

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Tape Feeding Instructions.

Maintenance Instructions    Replacement Parts List with diagrams, or click here for the parts list with pictures.

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We now handle multiple lines of gummed tape dispensers.  Check here for a review of all major brands.

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Good Things Come With Better Packages:
*Better Security
*Less Damage
*Happy Customers

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