Better Packages Big Inch® 4

Better Packages offers a manual dispenser for pressure sensitive tapes designed for the industrial as well as the retail user. Completely automatic in operation - one stroke of the feed lever does the whole job. Handles cloth, most paper, cellophane, vinyl and even fiber glass tapes. Can be quickly set to measure any one of four lengths by simply changing the position of the feed lever. The Big Inch® 4 automatically cuts 1 ½", 2 ¼", 3", and 3 ¾" lengths in widths of tape from ¼" up to 1" on 3" cores.

This dispenser was discontinued in 2002.  Alternative dispensers available depending upon your requirements.  Contact our sales department for more information.  Check out the RT-5000 here.

Key Benefits

  • Clean cuts
  • Handle operation
  • Mobile

Save time and money! If using tape widths of ¼" or ½", order the Big Inch® 4 with the 4 strip slitter attachment. Load 1" wide tape and the mounted slitters will automatically cut it into 2 or 4 equal pieces.  

Model Description
BI-4  Big Inch 4
BI-4  4 Strip Big Inch 4 Slitter

 Parts list available.  Click here.

Most parts are no longer available.