Better Packages

CodeTaper® model CT2004 when attached to any BP555eL, BP555eS, BP555eSA or BP555eLA tape dispenser, the printing is automatic as the tape is dispensed. Eliminates hand marking, stenciling, stamping. Prints gummed tape to show: contents, color, size, shape, style, quantity, date, or use by codes.

CodeTaper model CT2004 - Discontinued.

Fit on the BP555e series models. 

This printer was replaced by the CodeTaper #6.

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The more reliable CodeTaper #6 was modified to fit on the BP555e series to replace the CT2003, and CT2004.

Ultimate control of packages in transit. With tape being printed as dispensed, your customers will be able to tell if someone has broken into a shipment. No rolls of preprinted tape laying around for someone to steal and repack a box. A self-inking, self-adjusting ink distribution roller (instead of felt or sponge) results in uniform legibility. The intermediate rubber roller between ink roll and type also prolongs the life of the ink roller. 

CodeTaper® supplies include ink, rubber type, and logotypes. CodeTaper prints in one color ink and is available in red, black, green, blue, or other colors on special order. Rubber type inserts are from 1/8" to 1" typeface in an assortment of different fonts. 

CodeTapers® are available for 1 1/2", 2", 2 ½", and 3" width tapes.  If you use different widths of tapes, we recommend using the smaller unit for both unless you want to invest in multiple units.  CodeTapers change out only take a minute or two.  

For a total SYSTEM, use the Automatic Measuring Device with the BP555eSA and BP555eLA  and the foot switch.  Add the Tape Aerial and shoot the tape over the carton for easy placement and the CodeTaper for coding.