Better Packages

Automatic Case Sealers

or Tape Machines?

Good question.  But is it a good investment?

I recommend case sealers in applications that have RSC (Regular Slotted Cartons) cartons, with product filled to the top of the case, and weigh less than 25 pounds.  The case must not be overfilled or under filled.  Whenever possible, I recommend the fully automatic flap folding case sealer.  (Why pay an operator to stand there while pushing the carton into the machine?) 

A RSC (regular slotted carton) is best suited for PVC case sealers.  Most other type cartons require glue, staples, or other sealing methods due to the tape heads on the case sealer.

If your cartons are not filled properly, the carton, if under filled may crush going through the case sealer and the tape not stick.  If over filled, the carton may pop open after sealing with the pressure from the product against the flaps.  Also when over filled, carton jamming may occur while the carton is going through the case sealer.

For cartons over 25 pounds, weight becomes a factor in how well the carton will hold up during shipping.  Most tapes do not adhere well and the bottom flaps will give out under the weight.  If your cartons do weigh more then 25 pounds use a high quality tape or investigate using hot melt case sealers.  (Cost will become a factor if looking for a lower cost sealing method).

If you pay an operator to stand there and introduce the carton to the case sealer, chances are you will spend more time "sealing" the carton.  If you apply a strip of tape to the flaps to hold them down before the carton goes into the case sealer, why not just seal the carton with a gummed tape machine and eliminate a step?

If you decide to use casesealers, Better Packages offers a fixed case sealer utilizing kraft gummed reinforced paper tapes.  Check out the CS3000 by clicking here.

Other factors to consider are:

What if the case sealer breaks down.  What is a good back up?  See the picture on the right under the tape aerial page. Click here. A gummed tape machine can be mounted over a conveyor line to back up a case sealer as a low cost alternative.

Shelf Life. The longer a carton sits on a shelf, the better the chance cheaper tapes will break down causing the tape to separate.

Case sealers are more complex. If one breaks down who fixes it?  Case sealers cannot be shipped UPS back to a repair facility.

If you don't use a quality tape, will thieves be able to pop open the flaps allowing for theft?

If you leave the cartons "open" on the way to the case sealer, will the carton stay on the conveyor?  Will product spill out on the way? 

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