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Printing Supplies

BPI CodeTaper #6, Cyklop Printer, Marsh Roller Coders, and the Kiwi printer require two items for printing on gummed tape:   Printing type and Ink.  Depending upon how your message is to be printed, you have several options.  

For three inch tape users, your printable message area is approximately 2" wide.  For 2 1/2" wide tape users the width is 1 3/4", 2" tape users 1 1/4", 1 1/2" tape users have 7/8".  Length varies by the manufacturer of the printer.

For printing type your options include:  (click pic to go)

  1. A logomat - Best for companies wanting to print their logo, or the same information over and over.  Logomats sell by the square inch plus a art/plate fee per order.  Quantity discounts apply and price decreases with larger mats.
  2. Word mats - Best for companies wanting to print the same worded message.  These are sold by the character based on printing long ways on the wheel.  If printing is to be sideways a.k.a. as vertical type, let us know.  Most companies opt for printing the long ways up to 9 1/4".
  3. RIBtype® letter and number sets - Best when the message changes every day/shift/etc.   Assortments are sold by the kit and include all letters and numbers with the special characters of .,-&$'/ and ¢.  Our best seller is 1/2" tall sets.
  4. RIBtype® date sets - Best for when dating is required.  Two types of sets.   Standard with each month and assortment of numbers to make the day, and year (2013-2016), or One year date sets that contain 366 pieces.  The most popular set is the standard 3/8" set. 

Black, Blue, Green, and Red colors are offered for the printers.  The ink is available in 6-4oz cases, pints, quarts, and gallons.   We highly recommend the 4 oz bottles for ease of use, and they come with yorker nipples for easy application.  Our online MSDS sheet is available by clicking here.

If you have special requirements, or you want a more specific quote on logo, email our sales department by clicking here.