Better Packages

Label Moistener model DL-9

Key Benefits

  • Cast iron construction
  • Large water reservoir
  • Spring "pressure" bar

Great for full page labels.

Discontinued by Better Packages 2001.

DL-9 - Cast iron label moistener for labels up to 9" wide.

With the end of production, another alternative is to look into an electric label gluer to do the same job.  Using a 5% glue mixture and water will give good results. Check out the Glue-Fast Captain B or the Potdevin LM-81/2.

Why pay for the high cost of pressure sensitive labels. Buy gummed paper stock, use a word processor and a color printer and print your own label. Cut to size, moisten with the label moistener and apply to your cartons.  For smaller labels up to 5.75" wide, use the Gluefast Model S.