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Packer® 3S

This gummed tape dispenser NOW cuts Reinforced Tape!!!

Are you a home based business? Do you only ship a few packages a week but want something stronger than scotch tape or thin 2" pvc tape to seal your boxes? 70mm gummed reinforced tape creates a bond with the carton flaps to give a strong seal with only one piece of tape. The Packer 3S is save and easy to use. Pull the amount you need and snap the tape against the cutter blade to tear it off. The Packer 3S is the best pull and tear model for the "Mom and Pop" Internet auction type businesses and small retail outlets.

Key Benefits

  • NEW Blade
  • Subway feed for even moistening
  • Handles multiple rolls

Best Pull & Tear model P3S

If you own a pack and ship type store front, the Packer 3S offers your customers an easy dispenser for the best secure seal. (Gummed tape sticks best to carton surfaces. We recommend removing plastic tape to allow the glues from the tape to penetrate the carton fibers.)

Dispenser only Item #123M-0003

Special:  Order Item #123M-0003T new dispenser packed with a case of tape!

Item #123M-0003T

Finest of all "pull-and-tear" dispensers. Unique "subway feed" provides uniform tension to aid in tape moistening and ease of operation. NOW recommended for reinforced tape. 1"- 3" tapes.  This single brush pull and tear dispenser is the best in class for water activated tapes.

  Sharp new style cutting blade!


  Easy instructions now on the side of the unit: 

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