Better Packages

Better Bagger BP900


We are able to custom manufacture 2 mil or 4 mil open ended poly bags in lengths from 3" up to 99" in widths from 2" up to 8"!  With the right equipment you can too. 

Create your own pink static free bags on demand.  We can supply the poly tube stock to help offset the high cost of keeping thousands of bags on hand of assorted sizes.  If you have a special bag material, send a sample and we will test it and shoot a video for emailing.

Bags are produced in 1" increments and size is determined from seal to seal with a tolerance of + or - 1/4".  Use the Better Bagger with the Bag Factory by Better Packages to produce bags on demand in quantity. 

Why order a thousands when all you need is a hundred? 


    Makes a 2" wide x 4" long, 4 mil thick bag in about 4 seconds
    Two rolls loaded, makes 2 bags in 4 seconds
    Three rolls loaded, makes 3 bags in 4 seconds

Total Width of All Rolls: Width range 2" to 8"

Warranty: A complete one year warranty on all parts and six months on labor*

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We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express for fast order processing.

Buy this machine and make your own on demand!

Call or email your specifications to our sales department by clicking here. 

* Details available upon request and all services provided by the manufacturer.