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Looking for a way to dispense up to 2" pressure sensitive tape with a machine loaded with features? Better Packages examined the ELM M1000 dispenser and modified it with a touch keypad. Same great feature, less moving parts.

Order item #123M-0002

Fast, simple, easy to use. Dispense ½" to 2" width pressure sensitive tapes on 3" cores automatically without an operator having to touch a button! The PS2a will clean cut one preset length of tape from 20mm up to 999mm each time the button is pushed in manual mode. An override button will dispense as long as it is held down. L.E.D. display, shipping weight 8#.

   Key Benefits

  • Automatic dispensing
  • Clean cut
  • Small footprint

Automatic, take a piece, get a piece.

Fully functional keypad w/repeat New 3 piece spool holder allows for different size cores.

Good Things Come With Better Packages.

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Looking for a faster way to use PVC tapes to seal cartons? We recommend either using tape guns or automatic case sealers. If you try to use a counter top automatic dispenser like the PS2a or the M1000 for taping boxes, the tape is too difficult to handle and will stick to everything once dispensed. If you are looking to speed up your operation, we recommend using a gummed tape dispenser. Overall they are faster and you only need ONE piece of tape to seal the flaps.