Better Packages

SpaSaver® Stand - Discontinued

The concept is simple and makes sense.  Boxes are always folded in a way the tape is applied left to right.  By positioning the tape dispenser to be in line with the box and dispensing the tape over the carton the operator only needs to "drop" the tape to the box and seal.  Pro Pack Solutions recommends mounting the tape machine sideways either on the packing bench or over a conveyor to increase productivity.

Spasaver Stand Spasaver Stand on floor

Examples of set ups. 

Make your own stand.  The concept is simple.  Tape dispensers used in line with the box speeds up your operator by placing the tape in the direction of the seal saving time.

Key Benefits

Placement of a Better Pack® dispenser will greatly improve efficiency of your packers. Optional Spasaver® Stand will place the machine effectively over table tops or conveyor lines to improve product flow. An optional Tape Aerial® will crease the tape down the middle and "shoot" the tape over the carton for easy placement. Your operators will experience less fatigue, and perform their jobs faster. For use with BP555, BP554, BP556 dispensers.

The idea of the stand is a great idea and as all machines being manufactured today will not work with the SpaSaver Stand, we recommend looking into either modifying or replacing your current work station with the Dehnco line to accept the swing arm tape dispenser holder.

Click here for CodeTaper, Tape Aerial options.