Cyklop CMT Series

Operators Manual

This manual was originally written in Italian, then translated to English by an Italian!  If you need clarification email to our sales department by clicking here.  


General Remarks:

Operating Elements

1  Tension Spring
2  Black Scale Mark
3  Clamping Nut
4  Red Scale Mark
5  Weight
6  Water Tank
7  Water Bottle
8  Bottle Holder
9  Roller

Note:  In case of heater kit (optional), this is to be placed on the water tank (6).

Preparation (for use)

Mounting the water tank.

Removing and filling the Bottle.

Control of Moistening and Water Level

Placing the moving plate.

Inserting Roller. (Fig. 6)

Rolls of gummed paper can be rolled in two different ways:

a)  With glue facing out, or

b)  With glue facing in.

Depending on the type of gummed paper, the roller (9) should be placed in position A for paper with glue facing out and in position B for paper with glue facing in.  The roller is to be placed between the sides inserting it first in the left side slot and then in the right side one.

Loading of Tape Roll.

Operating Instructions:

Setting the tape length.

Cutting of tape.

Pressure of paper on the brush.

Jamming of the paper against the water trough. (w/Heater)

Maintenance and Care

Periodical Maintenance and Care.

Attention!!!  Danger of burning with optional top heater that can reach a temperature of 100ºC.

Attention!!!  When you remove the heater, danger of burning with top heater. 

Heater Cleaning:  Never use water or liquids.

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