The following parts are available for the Cyklop Manual CMT-102

(Some parts will fit the CMT-100):

Moistening Parts Page Link to Handle Side Page Inside Area Page

Click around the picture, or click on the area of choice below:

Moistening Parts    Handle Side Area

Inside Top Cover    Gear Area

Tape Feeding Parts

Heater Kit (Optional)

Order:  HC102 Heater Kit

Replacement parts for Heater Kit:

Item #       Description

74002284    Flat Head Screw
74002308    Weight
74002286    Sheet Metal Screw
74002287    Heater Cover
22000753    Sheet Metal Screw
22000059    Cable Clamp
74002288    Spacer
74002818    Heater Element 115v   
74002309    Brush Pressure Plate
74002310    Heater Cable
23207845    Switch
10010018    Cable w/Plug

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