Cyklop C-24


The following parts are available for the C-24 and easily removed from the machine.

21000013 Bottle 74007172 Roll guide 20 Diam. rool Top Heater Brush bottle holders water tank 74007172 Roll Guide Plate

The following pages are available:

Loose Parts         Inside Top Cover

Control Housing/Motor Area         Inside Gears

Part Number      Description
21000013            Water Reservoir (a.k.a Water Bottle)
74005586            Bottle holders
71007158            Complete Top Heater 
21005507            Brush
74003632            Complete water tank
74005386            Upper paper plate
74005359            20 Diam. Roll
74007172            Roll Guide plates (2)

Make sure to keep your moistening brush clean with soap and water on a weekly basis for best performance.  Brushes usually last 3-5 years with good maintenance.  If your packers are having to excessively rub the tape to stick, wash or replace the brush.