Cyklop CET Series


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Terminal Board P C Board Optical Switch Wire Condenser Pully Pulley on Motor Timing Belt Water Tank Area Power Cord KeyPad Power Switch

23300532        Hex Nut (for Condenser)
22004031        Spring Washer (for Condenser)
22002379        Condenser
74002262        Right Cover Plate (Blue Side Frame)
22005350        Spacer (behind Large Pulley)
21012915        Washer (next to Hex Nut on Pulley)
21011721        Hex Nut (on Pulley)
21012904        Pulley
21012200        Timing Belt
22001016        Retaining Ring (on Motor)
22004702        Pulley (on Motor)
22004053        Flat Head Screw (top screw on Motor Support Plate)
22004064        Hex Cap Screw (lower screw on Motor Support Plate)
22001276        Lock Washer (on Motor Support Plate)
22004075        Motor Support Plate
10010006        Motor
22000059        Cable Clamp
10010015        Fuse 2, 5A
22000797        Switch (Master Power - also Heater)
21008533        Hex Nut
22000833        Washer
20292433        Screw
21008817        Lock Nut
10010058        Cable Width Plug (Power Cord)
22000720        Sheet Metal Screw
22004575        Cable Stress Relief
22000753        Sheet Metal Screw
74002741        Sheet Metal Screw
74002691        Edge Connector
74002692        Sheet Metal Screw
74002827        Receptacle (Heater Plug)
74003364        Hex Cap Screw
74002697        Encoded Disk
74000917        Hex Cap Screw     
74002700        Optical Switch Assembly
74002701        LED Assembly
74002702        Optical Switch Wire
74002709        Switch Board Assembly (KeyPad)
74002706        Sheet Metal Screw
74002908        Spring Washer
74005366        Control Enclosure (Right Side Cover - Only)
74005361        Switch Plate 115v (P C Board)
74005367        Right Side Cover Sub Assembly w/P C Board
74005368        Right Side Cover Sub Assembly w/o P C Board