Cyklop CET Series

Operators Manual

This manual was originally written in Italian, then translated to English by an Italian!  If you need clarification email our sales department by clicking here. 


General Remarks:


1  Heater
2  Side cover
3  Reservoir
4  Water tank
5  Switch-board
6  Main Light Switch
7  Top Heater Switch
8  Top Heater Plug

Operating Elements  (Not all machines have all features)

9  Black push button - it dispenses length of tape set on the black scale
10  Green push button "free length" - it dispenses tape continuously until released.
11  Blue push button "pre-set length" - it dispenses length of tape set on the blue scale
12  Black knob:  sets tape length
13  Blue knob:  sets tape length
14  Plug/s for footswitch or repeater accessories.


15  Pushbutton for dispensing 11 pre-set lengths of tape
16  Four marks to be used for quick identification of the most frequently used lengths
17  +5 (+2) pushbutton:  it increases pre-set lengths by 5 cm (2 inches)

 Preparation (for use)

Loading of Tape Roll.

Control of Moistening and Water Level

Removing and filling the Bottle.

Operating Instructions:

CET-301 / CET-302


Jamming of the paper against the water trough.

Maintenance and Care

Attention!!!  For the cleaning of the dispenser, never use water (mainly sprinkling).  Use only compressed air cloth and/or brushes only dry. 

Attention!!!  Before every operation of cleaning, maintenance or repair, the machine MUST be unplugged.

Attention!!!  Before any maintenance work check that the top heater has a temperature lower than 60ºC.  Danger of burning.

Periodical Maintenance and Care.

Attention!!!  Danger of burning with top heater that can reach a temperature of 100ºC.

Attention!!!  When you remove the heater, danger of burning with top heater. 

Heater Cleaning:  Never use water or liquids.