The CET-322 delivers all the benefits and features of the best machines on the market.  A double brush moistening system that incorporates a top heater for maximum re-activation of the harden dried glues found on gummed reinforced tapes.

  • Non-Corrosive Plastic Side Frames
  • Top Heater with cut off switch
  • 11 selector buttons w/2" add key
  • Handles up to 4" wide tape

Special notice:  Cyklop of Italy has decided to discontinue this model.   

The CET-322 has been replaced by the C-25.  Click here.

Click here for the parts listing.

Click here for the User and Maintenance Guide.

Manufactured in Italy. For single lengths, use the CET-301, duel CET-302 models.

Code dating is available by use of a P100 or P110 Printer or D200 Dater with-189.


Size:  21"L x 11.5"W x 11"H (53 x 29 x 28 cm)
Dispensing Speed:  Up to 30" per second
Water Bottle Capacity:  1 Liter
Shipping Weight 26 lbs. (11.8kg)
Power Requirements:  115v
Tape Width:  .08" (20mm) up to 4" (10 cm)
Maximum Roll Size:  8.8" (22 cm) diameter roll
Factory Warranty:  Six months parts and labor.

liquid_penetron.JPG (15081 bytes) Makes it stick quicker!

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