Cyklop Series

It's back and available!  The Baby Umet 75 for pressure sensitive tapes up to 3" wide.  Get all the details.

Cyklop SAE-75 434M-SAE-75 ... Baby Umet 75 434M-0306

The above machines dispense pressure sensitive tapes up to 3" wide. Click on the pics for more info.

Cyklops gummed tape dispensers offered some of the first reliable electronic machines on the market. Cyklops electronic machines offer top heaters, double brush moistening, adjustable water levels and weights for the pressure plate.  Optional tape printer available.

The best feature on the new C-25 is a total "electrical" system utilizing 24v DC power. The new Cyklop printer prints on the tape as it is dispensed. Attaches to the C-25 or the C-24.

C-25 w/Printer

The new C25 is available with reduced voltage heater, metal side frames, and an all new keypad. Need to print information regarding code dating, operator info, etc? Add the Cyklop printer. Click here.

For a multiple length electronic gummed tape dispenser, the CET-322 has been discontinued. 

In the past if you needed just one length, see the CET-301, for two see the CET-302 were available.  Only the CET-301 is still available in limited numbers.

C-24 w/Printer

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No Power? The Manual B-6 a.k.a. CMT-102.    434M-00B6

Have power, but low production?  Use the B-6 with an optional heater.    434M-00B6H

The parts lists are available by clicking on the model above and click through to the parts list on the bottom of the page.

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