Cyklop Babymatic

Replaced with the Cyklop SAE-75 tape dispenser.

Discontinued. Most parts available.

Powerful, easy to use, simple to feed tape.  The Babymatic offers an extra heavy duty motor for tough applications and feed rollers that are useful with both thin plastic imported tapes, the very tacky duct tapes, and many more "stickier" stapes used in production areas.  

The Babymatic dispenses tapes from .6" up to 3" widths at the rate of 12" per second.  The dial setting will offer pre-measured lengths of 2" up to 51" with rolls of tape up to 7 1/2" diameter.  The picture makes the unit look big, however the overall footprint is slightly larger then the M1000.

Key Benefits


Electrical power:  115v, 60 hz
Types of Pressure Sensitive Tape:  PVC, polypropylene, reinforced, biadhesive, etc.
Sound level: Less than 70 dB(A) plus "tape release from roll" noise
Width:  min. 15mm./max. 75 mm.
Length:  min. 50 mm./max. 1300 mm. (2"-50")
Dispensing Speed:  18 m./minute (12")
Dimensions of machine:  155x270x205 mm.
Weight:  6 Kg. or 13.2 pounds

The Babymatic offers a random key, a dial setting for one set length, and a repeat key.

The best way to determine the best machine for dispensing your tape is to send us a sample end roll of tape and the spec for dispensing.  Include information regarding the number of pieces per minute and if you require automatic dispensing.  See our order page for shipping information.