Shipping Benches by Dehnco™

The following pieces are a sample of some of the items available by Dehnco. A sample picture is available on our main Denhco page.

With Dehnco Shipping Benches you always have the ability to add and modify as your business expands.  Invest in only the items you need today. You are only limited by your imagination.

D-9000 Shipping Bench (Several models available with different tops)
D-9010 Drawer
D-9012 Drawer Module
D-9020 Metal Privacy Panels
D-9022 Sliding Door Module
D-9023 Metal Dump Rails
D-9030 Roll Bar Kit
D-9031 Overhead Carton Storage
D-9032 Document Shelf

D-9033 Document Shelf Divider

D-9034 Tear Cutter
D-9040 13" Riser
D-9045 Small Sorter w/18 Openings

D-9046 Large Sorter w/36 Openings

D-9050 Slat Wall
D-9051 Slat Wall Hook 5"
D-9052 Slat Wall Small Bin 6" x 4" x 3" Deep
D-9053 Slat Wall Large Bin 12" x 12" x 4" Deep
D-9089 CPU Holder
D-9091 Monitor Swing Arm (or Tape machine)
D-9092 Optional Keyboard Tray

Order the Dehnco catalog for more items.  Dehnco offers a wide selection of packing benches with the best options at a discounted price over purchasing individual pieces.