Shipping Benches by Dehnco™

Organization is the key to success!

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Dehnco shipping benches allow you to customize your shipping platforms. Add the components that work best for you. We recommend ordering the free catalog to view all the optional cutters, holders, boards, tops, etc. E-mail or call today. One of our service representatives will be happy to assist you in building the ultimate shipping environment.

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Key Benefits 

Organization. Location. Placement. Big words that mean a lot.

Today's shipping bench includes more equipment then ever, yet most companies still use a hodge-podge of miscellaneous tables and chairs to meet the challenge. Computers are placed on top of the table and printers where ever they fit, label rolls are strewn about, and most packers make multiple steps just for a box.

Each step a packer makes, each move beyond normal body reach, each time the packer stops to think about his/her next move, you spend money. Is your shipping department a PROFIT CENTER, or a LOSS CENTER?

Want to try a test? The next time you visit your shipping department ask the packer for a shipping sticker or a tape gun, or the knife to open a carton. Are your packers able to find it fast?